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Applying the latest technological advances in education and message broadcasting, WebBasedCME.com will distribute ease-of-access pertinent information directly to the professionals that desire to keep up-to-date with medical breakthroughs.


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WebBasedCME.com, continues growing and offering our audience more web-based CME options. Our latest case-based learning initiative in conjunction with the Caring for Diabetes Educational Forum, has delivered over 3000 online certificates.  While that reach is outstanding, here is the number we value most.

The number 1.

That one person being an 84-year old female in respiratory distress.  When she arrived at the ER everything was set up with the latest protocols.  The teams had recognized that the patient was septic.  Only 13 hours earlier the teams had participated in our early identification of sepsis broadcast.  Within a short amount of time the patient was in stable condition and expected do well.

Thats the power of education, and the impact of one. 

Please let us know if you have similar stories in your life. We look forward to delivering more certified educational content to you in 2020.

Please use our contact form to supply us with your thoughts ideas, and features you would like to see for all of your web-based educational activities.